What I Do

I could write a book (maybe I will!) on how I work with actors because each and every actor I work with is unique. What may work for one may not work for another. And it is my job to figure out specifically what each actor needs to grow as an artist. It's one of the things I love about what I do.

Some of you may respond to working from the outside in - the creative "as if." Some of you may be more comfortable working from within. And many of you may get results working both ways. These paths are different, but the objective is the same: to find your own truth and reality.

You are your own instrument... It is all there within you.

Through scene work and precise exercises, you will begin to experience what it feels like to connect to your own truth and reality. And once you have felt that, there is no going back. You may have felt it a few times in your work already - when you're "on" and know that what you are doing is "cooking." But you may not be experiencing this feeling enough, it may be "hit or miss" and sometimes you may feel inconsistent and insecure. That is the last thing you need to feel to be successful in this crazy business we call acting! You need to feel connected to yourself, your truth and your reality.

My class is not a lecture session. It is a place where you learn by doing. Because once you have experienced what it feels like to connect, you will be able to go to that place again and again and it will be yours forever. I want to make sure you are a fully functioning working artist and know how to do the work WITHOUT ME!

Even with my private coaching, the goal is for you to take our experience together with you into your auditions and your work and not to become dependent on me or anyone else to do the work for you. (I think that is happening too much nowadays!) Because once you get that job (and you can!) you're on your own! Don't expect the director to do it for you - many have even less experience than you do! I want you to be a smart actor - one who any director would kill to work with - one who is not afraid to create in front of people - taking risks, making choices, and feeling confident that you are giving your all to truth and reality... and to the artist deep within you.


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